EU funding programmes

EU funding programmes have become an important and reliable source for everyone planning a European project. The EU reliable, as the plans its budget for seven years and only spends what is available in its budget. In addition, it plans its spending for every year, which makes it very predictable. These are all excellent preconditions for anyone who wants to benefit from this budget. From 2021 on a new planning period will start. Again, the EU will provide billions of Euros for the new portfolio of EU funding programmes. This includes for instance innovative research, inclusive education, good governance, digitalisation, culture, human rights and secure borders . For example: The EU will spend at least EUR 21 billion on education and mobility of pupils, students and professionals (Erasmus+). In addition, it will spend EUR 97,3 billion to improve the potential of the European people to create businesses and to innovate (European Social Fund+). Further, it will spend EUR 90 billion on research and innovation (HorizonEurope). The new funding Neighbourhood, Development and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI) will support the fight against inequalities and human development as well as security, stability and peace with EUR 80 billion in countries outside the EU. In conclusion, these are excellent prospects for anyone planning a project in these areas. The EU funding programmes differ in their thematic focus but have a lot in common. Selection procedures and general award criteria are similar. The European added value is a common requirement. And all programmes have the purpose to achieve a great societal impact on Europe! Read here about the new funding programmes and start planning your application to put your vision into action.