During my work I have met very committed researchers or project organisers, who applied for funding to realise their projects. Very often, their proposals were rejected although the project was relevant and the idea convincing. Why?

From my own experience as proposal evaluator (I have evaluated far more than 400 proposals so far) I can identify three common weaknesses in funding proposals:

  1. They only respond to a few criteria mentioned in the Call for proposals, but not to all.
  2. They neglect allegedly less important aspects such as dissemination, gender or impact.
  3. They are not coherent and too fragmented, the overall concept is not clear.

I have identified different reasons for these weaknesses.

  1. Proposal writers are not aware of the many criteria their proposal has to meet. They rather focus on the main research idea and overlook other aspects, that need to be taken into account.
  2. Coordinators and/or proposal writers have not sufficient time. Therefore they concentrate on the main concept and work plan. Other aspects such as “cross cutting issues” or impact are permanently being postponed and finished in a great hurry before the deadline.
  3. The proposal is not well coordinated or the other participators do not hand in their contributions on time and or not in sufficient quality, in other words: typical problems of project management…

Get support in preparing your funding application

I am happy to share my experiences and lessons learnt and provide the shortcuts to those who seek EU funding. I support you in securing EU funding for your project by accompanying you in your proposal writing process.

This consulting service is RIGHT for you, if you…

  • have little time getting to grips with EU funding?
  • have wasted much time on writing unsuccessful applications, and you are looking for a short cut?
  • are looking for a second opinion on your proposal or have concrete questions?
  • are wondering, which key words to include in your proposal or what the elements of a successful proposal are?

This consulting is not suitable if you

  1. are no expert in your field
  2. want your proposal completely written by a third party
  3. seek for a 100% funding guarantee
  4. are not flexible enough to change your concept.

During a Proposal Coaching you have my full assistance

from the initial idea to the submission of your research proposal

  • Identifying funding programmes for the planned (research) project
  • Checking all call conditions set out in the work programme and Guide for Applicants as well as in accompanying documents
  • Consulting on research design corresponding to the aforementioned criteria
  • Supporting the analysis of needs and the state of the art
  • Supporting the creation of a logical framework including key performance indicators
  • Consulting on the creation of a complementary research consortium corresponding to these criteria
  • Supporting the adoption of a cross-sector and cross-actor approach where needed
  • Supporting the development of strategies for involving stakeholders, civil society and end users
  • Consulting on all parts of the proposal: Excellence, Implementation and Impact
  • Proofreading of the draft and final proposal and giving detailed feedback

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I am happy to support you!

Interested in Courses about Proposal Writing?

If you apply for funding regularly and seek for an in-depth understanding of EU funding, you might be interested in my online course on proposal writing for the research funding programme Horizon Europe.

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My Partners and Clients

Since 2016, I’ve been an advisor to different universities, NGOs and start-ups.
I have helped them to create coherent and impactful projects and trained them in EU fundraising.

I have worked with these universities and organisations

Net4Society is the international network of National Contact Points for Cluster 2 ("Culture, creativity & inclusive society") in Horizon Europe. National Contact Points (NCPs) are set up to guide researchers in their quest for securing EU funding.
Humboldt University Berlin
Universtiy of Potsdam
University of Oulu Finland
University of Silesia in Katowice